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congrats on your new LV's!! LV Women
 i still love ebene! Louis Vuitton Women 

red speedy ! LV Handbag


LV Damier very nice! you also have a nice variety in your collection!


Congrats its lovely!Not to be nosy or anything, just curious what are you majoring? Interesting that you went back to school after 22 years! You must be proud of yourself. Louis Vuitton bags


i think the damier pouch can actually hold a pretty large amount of stuff. i have 2 credit cards, a debit card, a membership card, drivers license, health insurance card, AAA card, and a 4 paper cards (the same size as credit cards). i'll also usually tuck a small amount of cash in there too (maybe 2 bills max). :) LV Wholesale


you've got to check the seller whether he has good reviews. If the seller's identity is good then the bag probably is too Louis Vuitton Speedy

 Louis Vuitton Shop These three are very beautiful. Congrats .