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Custom music and lyrics with melody, excitement and lasting communications power

     We are creators of original music and lyrics for corporate and theatrical events. Theme songs, videos, underscores, live performances, trade shows, special entertainment events – whatever the medium, we’ll create the right music for your message.

     Together with the industries’ top communications companies, we have written, composed, cast, staged, orchestrated, recorded and produced quality music and theatrical projects for more than 25 years.  And we use only the best talent available for your own project.

     Composer Tom Tierney is one of the leaders in this field.  He has created music and lyrics for more than 100 corporate shows as well as for theatre, television, theme parks and commercials.  His musicals have played off and on Broadway as well as in London, Canada, Australia and throughout the United States.

     Twinsun Music clients include many of the top corporate leaders: IBM, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Merrill-Lynch, State Farm Insurance and many more.  Their words about our music say a lot about the high level of quality we strive for.   

     When you need appropriate and memorable music and lyrics, performed by the best talent and musicians, contact:

Twinsun Music Ltd.
315 Riverside Drive, Suite 16A
New York, NY 10025
Phone: (212) 222-3420
Fax: (212) 222-3684

 Email Us at Twinsun@att.net


Twinsun Talent

Your project deserves
only the best talent available …

     Whether recording singers, narrators, musicians or hiring live talent for your meeting events or special entertainment, we search diligently for just the right choice in voice quality, style and look to enhance your video or sound recording – or your live show.  We strive to help you achieve the goals of your creative concept. 

     New York City is a center for the greatest talent in this country (and the world) – it serves the nation’s Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theatre industry as well as national and international advertising, music recording, television production and more recently feature film.  For pop and classical musicians, singers from gospel to country to legit, and the world’s best actors, this is the place to find exactly what you want – and we’re here to help.

     Our singers and musicians have performed on award winning albums as well as in national commercials and feature films.  When you want the best talent, and the right talent for your project, let us help you with the casting.  And very often we can deliver these amazing performers at prices that will surprise you.  

     Contact us for your talent needs.





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