Words About Music
Some praise from our clients...

“Thank you for all you did to make our Pulmicort launch meeting the great success it was.  Your music was fabulous and helped us accomplish the ‘high-energy’ goal we had set for ourselves.”
-Sheryl Weise, Astra USA  

“The ‘award-winning’ lyrics and arrangements you wrote were fabulous.  Our chairman asked how we were able to do such a clever job of fitting our company names and the quality concepts into the high-energy songs.”
-Bill Quinn, Johnson & Johnson 

“The song is absolutely superb and the music is so appropriate.  Many men have eulogies written about their lives, but few ever have a song … thanks for your personal contribution to my life.”
-John H. Ogden, President, Coca-Cola 

“MetLife’s President’s Conference is being called the ‘best ever’ … The production numbers were a huge hit … Tom Tierney’s music and lyrics were the highlights of the general sessions.”
-John Reeves, MetLife

 “Many, many thanks for creating such a wonderful evening for J&J … writing the lyrics, music and working with the talent.  I’m so pleased to have you as a part of my team.”
-Sandra Arnold, SAI

 “Special thanks to our terrific musical team … Tom for his brilliant music and lyrics … this was our best year ... an outstanding production for the NSD Awards Conference.”
-Saul Caro, IBM

 “Thanks for the wonderful and creative contribution you made to our very successful dealer meetings.  All of the BMW dealers enjoyed your beautifully orchestrated program.”
-Joan Malone, BMW of North America

 “The Chrysler Show was a big smash – and you were a big part of its success.  You brought a spirit to the lyrics that the audience really found to be genuine and exciting.”
-Gary Seltzer, Comart Aniforms

 “You did it again!  Our track for the McNeil Consumer Products show is dynamite!  Once again, you came through like the champion you are … the three songs we had were so perfect that I wanted more – more – more.”
Maggie Vos, Phoebe T. Snow Productions


 A sampling of Twinsun Music projects…

SIEMENS CORPORATION – Original lyrics and music production for theme song “Here We Go – Completely Connected” at Las Vegas trade show – with a live cast of 3 performing skits and the song.  Las Vegas, NV (Apr ‘04). Producer: Executive Media, New York.  (See press review on the N+I website chatroom.)  For the full story and pics, link to: 

GILLETTE/ORAL-B  Original theme song “Everybody Goes Through Stages” for Oral-B’s new toothbrush line for kids.  Live show – also scored 2 videos for company launch events.  Boston, MA (Jul ’01) & Paris (Disneyland), France (Sep ‘01). Music licensed for Oral-B European phone promo rights, 2002.  Producer: Jack Morton Worldwide, Boston.

SIEMENS CORPORATION – Original music and lyrics and video score for new product launch – Life-Works “A Whole New Way To Stay In Touch”.  San Diego, CA (Feb ’03). Producer: Executive Media, New York.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Custom lyrics (5 songs) for international operations meeting – A Grammy Awards style entertainment event with cast of 5 singers.  New Brunswick, NJ (Feb ’02).  (Also custom music/lyrics for 3 prior shows – 1999, 2000, 2001).  Producer: Sandra Arnold Inc, New York.

I.B.M. Song “E World” for IBM hosted client meeting. Scored for a video opener.  Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL (Feb ’00).  Producer: Preston Productions, Boston. 

UNISYS Theme song for annual international Eagle Awards meeting.  Live show, cast of 3.  Original scoring of opening video.  San Juan, Puerto Rico, March, 1999.  Producer: Preston Productions, Boston.

ASTRA PHARMACEUTICAL – Lyrics and scoring for national sales meeting.  Live cast of 9 plus 4 musicians in a “Blue Man, Yellow Man, Purple Man Group” type of show with music, dance, drumming.  New Orleans Convention Center, January, 1999.  Producer: Jack Morton Worldwide, Boston.

EMC CORPORATION – Song “Great Minds Think Alike” for national trade show tour of 6 cities.  Cast of 2 (duet for actors playing Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin), 1999.  Producer: Preston Productions, Boston.

COCA-COLA. –  Original theme song “Coca-Cola Landscape” for annual Bottlers meeting, live cast of 10, San Diego, July, 1997.  Producer: Jack Morton Worldwide, Atlanta.


Other Twinsun Music Shows…

  • AT&T at EPCOT CENTER - Original theme song for “Age of Information” pavilion

  • ASTRA USA - 5 shows (original theme songs, live casts)

  • B M W - Pianist/Spokesman/Composer for 5 city tour

  • CHRYSLER CORPORATION - New car show (original score, live cast)

  • FRAM CORPORATION - 2 shows (original scores, live casts)

  • IBM CORPORATION - 22 shows (original scores, video-module scoring, live casts)

  • NFORMIX – Theme song for Javits Center trade show, NYC.  Live cast of 3 

  • J.C. PENNEY COMPANY - 2 shows (original scores, live casts)

  • JOHNSON & JOHNSON – Original score for recognition event, live cast of 6

  • LEXMARK - Original theme song for company launch

  • MERRILL LYNCH - 6 original AV scores for ML Museum, NY World Financial Center 

  • MET LIFE INSURANCE  - 3 shows (original scores, live casts)

  • MILLER BREWING COMPANY – Original song for distributors’ meeting

  •  MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE - 2 shows (original scores, live casts)

  • NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE - Original theme song (AV score)

  • PONTIAC - Original score, 5 songs, live cast of 6

  • REVLON - 3 shows (original scores, live casts)

  • ROYAL CROWN COLA - Original theme song for bottlers meeting (video score)

  • STATE FARM INSURANCE – 5 convention shows (Original scores, live casts)




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