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COCA-COLA. –  “Coca-Cola Landscape” – Original theme song for annual Bottlers meeting, live cast of 10, San Diego.

I.B.M. – “The Power” – Theme for IBM hosted client meeting on E-Business. Demo for video opener.

ASTRA PHARMACEUTICAL – “You’ve Got to Believe It” – Song and video score for hospital sales division. Original theme song used throughout meeting events.

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB – “Pravastatin Rap” – Rap theme for new product launch. Demo pre-record for client proposal

UNISYS – “Reach for the Stars” – Original theme song for international Eagle Awards meeting.  Live show, cast of 3.  Original scoring of opening video.  San Juan, Puerto Rico.

ASTRA/USA – “All in a Day’s Work” – Original song for sales meeting. Cast of 5 – Broadway talent performing a tribute to sales force. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

STATE FARM INSURANCE – “We’ll Be There” – Original theme song for national convention. Live lead singer with gospel choir. Five city U.S. tour.

MERRILL-LYNCH –  AV theme (2 variations) for corporate meeting  – Part of original score for several multi-screen HDTV video presentations.  New York, New York.

ASTRA/USA – “Market Domination” – Original theme for national sales meeting. Live cast of 3.  Song also used for video scoring throughout meeting.  Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



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